-What is an NFT (non-fungible token) ??  
It's digital art !
These are tamper-proof digital certificates "art".
 -Why tamper-proof ? 
Because this "art" is written on smart contracts using blockchain technology. That of cryptocurrencies !

GoodDuck World !

Once upon a time was the story of a sibling of chicks, all as cute as one another other. It is said that their favorite pastime was to pose in front of the camera, with the sole aim of making you melt !
But don't get me wrong, because under their innocent air, and their mischievous look, they won't hesitate to play their charms, in order to achieve their end.
you will have been warned...


Project "1"

The "first edition" is the first adventure of our favorite GoodDucks, the story begins on June 24th !!! 

495 NFTs on sale June 24 on CryptocomNFT !

 Project "2"

The "summer 2022" edition will be the second adventure of our favorite GoodDucks, which will take place during their holidays ! 
It is still being prepared, for the moment 400 nfts have been created out of 495! 
The images have been edited for better rendering. 

The date and the sales platform are still not known.

Project "3"

"WorlCup Qatar 2022" is the third adventure of the goodducks, there will be 32 teams.
Per team : 
-1 Coach
-1 Goalkeeper
-10 players
-3 substitutes
-1 FireBall
-1 GoldBall
-1 Team Photo